Sofa Shampooing

A dirty and drab looking carpet can spoil the whole look of the well-designed room. A clean carpet can also add to the cleanliness factor of the entire house or office. Apart from this, it’s important to prevent sofas fabric not only from stains and dirt but it can also be embedded with the fibers. We can’t see all the dust particles that are embedded with the fiber because of its fineness, but it is there and it is necessary to remove them to maintain the sofa or upholstery.

Sofa fabric is a magnet not only for dust and dirt but some bacteria and microbes as well. Fabric can attract these disease-causing micro-organisms which will then spread across the home. So monthly carpet cleaning and shampooing removes these harmful bacteria and infectious elements and keeps your home or office hygienic.

CSD (Cleaning-Sanitizing-Disinfecting) method contains non-toxic, environmental free and biodegradable chemicals for more safety and efficacy. We use international quality products which are safe natural pH products, kills tough germs, reduces wall fungi, inhabits dangerous viruses, fast counter sanitizing, removes bad odures, and deep floor cleaning. It helps to maintain more cleanliness, hygiene and bacteria free free bathroom for you.

Fabric sofa shampooing activities includes –

Dry vacuuming to extract the embedded dust and dirt particles.
Thoroughly cleaning with chemical safe shampoo to remove the dirt particles trapped in the fabric.
Scrubbing of fabric by applying stains removal product to clean the different types of stains.
Wet and dry vacuuming to suck up the moisture shampoo.
Sanitization by using patended chemical safe anti dust mite and germicidal disinfectant.

Leather sofa polishing activities includes –

Dry vacuuming to extract the embedded dust and dirt particles.
Sanitization by using patended chemical safe anti dust mite and germicidal disinfectant.
Reconditioning with best quality cream or wax then buffing.


Commercial vacuum cleaner, material basket includes non-toxic chemicals and required cleaning material will be applied during cleaning work. Steamer for steam sterilization process will be applied but would cost extra.


1. After shampooing; let it dry under ceiling fan or natural ventilation for minimum 1-2 hours maximum then use.

2. Heavy fixtures and furniture would not be moved by our cleaning expert, in case of really required, then only it will be moved by our expert upon your consent.

3. Our experts will try their best to remove the old and stubborn stains as best possible however we can’t guarantee on 100% stain removal.

4. Cushion cleaning and shampooing would cost extra.


Minimum 1-2 hours, however it depends on the fabric type and weather conditions.
Just simply give us a call within 24 hours after your cleaning; we will depute our cleaning experts to re-do the shampoing activity.
Yes, our cleaning expert apply the patended chemical safe anti dust mite and germicidal disinfectant during sofa shapooing.
Quaterly basis; if you follow daily basic cleaning tips then we suggest to get it done on quaterly basis with discounted price.

100% Satisfaction

Don’t pay if not satisfied, we will come back and fulfill our guarantee on work

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    Great service and thorough professionals. Cleaned up my empty home which was vacant for 1 yr. Team was dedicated and polite. Overall very happy with service.

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    Quick response and quality service with assurance on complete satisfaction. Your team really did a good job and sincerely cleaned my industrial project cleaning job in good manner. I will suerly contact you for such services required for our Turnkey-interior work.

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