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Whether it’s a turnkey project of residential, commercial or industrial, you may be aware about the importance of post-construction cleaning that gives first impression to the customer. A construction contractor may do a general cleaning of debris, but detailed cleaning is not part of their job anymore. This kind of cleaning is done to the whole facility from top to bottom; it doesn’t just simply means sweeping of floor, cleaning of the carpet and other visible areas.

For any construction contractor, turning over the key of a newly created building or a renovated one is the ultimate goal for any client that they will be serving. If you are looking for post-construction interior cleaning agency, you can count on us to help your properties move-in ready with our post-construction cleaning services. By investing in professional cleaning services, you can save the time, increase the safety and expect the proper cleaning of your premise.

We offer an in-depth cleaning service that covers all cleaning activities from floor to ceiling includes sanitization and disinfection services. our professional team is able to clean your residential apartment, commercial complex in systematic way to ensure maximum cleanliness levels that impress you as well your client. We are consistently delivering a clean, presentable and hygiene work environment for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Post Construction Cleaning activities include -

Dry dusting and cleaning of walls and ceilings, removal of dust, dirt, smudges and scuffs.
Cleaning of glass doors, tables, chairs, lower cabinets, tube lights, switch boards and air conditioners.
Dry dusting of all surfaces, woodwork, furniture and fixtures, including ceiling fans.
Cleaning of all windows panes, blinds and glasses includes elimination of marks, labels or stickers.
Façade cleaning to remove the cement dust and adhesive chemical stains of glasses and ACP panels.
Exterior cleaning of fridge, micro-oven and water purifier with eco-friendly chemicals.
Thoroughly deep cleaning of washrooms, urinals, washbasins and toilets.
Vacuuming of carpet, fabric chairs, fabric sofa set and foot mattress to extract the dust and dirt.
Floor scrubbing and cleaning with stain removal, wet and dry mopping with disinfectant.
Disinfection of complete premise by applying the misting sterilization, steam sterilization process.


All required personal protective equipment’s, steamer machine, single desk scrubber machine, commercial vacuum cleaner, ladder, telescopic rod, and cleaning tools will be applied during cleaning work.


1. Debris separation and dumping out side the premise is not in our scope.

2. Site visit is required to have the better clarity-transparency on work of scope to successfully complete the work and deliver the project before the deadline.

3. Electricity, water supply and necessary work permit subjected to the work to be obtained and facilitated to our cleaning experts.

4. Safety is our first priority; respectively our cleaning experts will try their best to clean the glasses and air conditioner duct (interior) considering safety aspect.


Of course, safety is the first priority for us hence our cleaning experts and rope access technicians are well trained and certified after completion of safety training.
No, we neither remove the debris nor separate it as Hazardous waste and Non-hazardous waste. It depends on the condition and size of the building, our technicians will be deputed to see for site inspection then only we can confirm the required time duration to clean the façade.
Yes, we offer wide range of cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our other cleaning services include home cleaning, office cleaning, kindergarten cleaning, windows cleaning and many more. Please contact us if you wish to avail other services also

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    Superb…Awesome..service…Cleaning Quality is very need of supervision…they cleaned our home very neatly.. Very Punctual and Reasonable Price.. we were having Pooja at home..they stood till 11 PM and made our home ready.

    Navnath Valke

    Great service and thorough professionals. Cleaned up my empty home which was vacant for 1 yr. Team was dedicated and polite. Overall very happy with service.

    Tushar Solanki

    Mr. VIJAY is a nice guy and explained everything in detail on what is covered and what is not covered in service. Overall transaction was very transperant and service was well received. Staff came for the work was also very courteous and did whatever was told by. Overall a very nice experience and I would suggest you also go for it. Thanks

    Manish Vaghela

    Quick response and quality service with assurance on complete satisfaction. Your team really did a good job and sincerely cleaned my industrial project cleaning job in good manner. I will suerly contact you for such services required for our Turnkey-interior work.

    Swapnil Jaiswal

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